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YouTube is a very popular platform, and many people are on it nowadays. A very essential requirement to survive on YouTube and get the channel monetized is to increase the number of subscribers, which in turn increases the number of views and watch time.

A subscriber is someone who has agreed to get regular updates from a particular YouTube channel. More number of subscribers means increased watch time. This is because subscribed viewers are more likely to watch the videos for a long time than those who have not subscribed to the channel.

This article deals with the need for subscribers and how many subscribers can boost a channel. Some subscriber plans have also been listed below in the article.

Why do we need subscribers?

Subscribers play an important role in sustaining a YouTube channel. They increase the views and watch time on videos. As per YouTube guidelines, a channel has to have at least a thousand subscribers in the last 12 months so that the channel holder can apply for monetization. Hence, it is clear how important subscribers can be.

But there are exceptional cases too. In many videos and channels, we can see millions of subscribers, but the views are very few. So, the number of subscribers does not always ensure a large number of views and watch time. Hence, it is necessary to focus on the content uploaded on the YouTube channel.

It has always been a topic of discussion to decide if subscribers are more important than views or not. Views are essential for a channel to grow, but a greater number of subscribers open up various opportunities for the creators. Brands often start noticing them.

How do we increase subscribers?

There are several ways to increase the number of YouTube subscribers. Some of them have been discussed below. The first technique is to be consistent and focused. Content that comes up on the channel should be consistent. A specific time frame to upload videos should be decided. The content should be unique and creative.

Nowadays, a lot of people have started using YouTube. Hence, it becomes difficult to secure a position there due to high competition. Creativity is a must.

The videos uploaded should have some relevance and should provide some value to the viewer. A creator should strategize as to what content is going up on the channel. There are different videos on YouTube nowadays, ranging from travel and food vlogs to comedy channels. It depends on the creator, as to how they have designed their content.

Systematic content always attracts more audiences and viewers. They also spend a longer duration watching the videos if the video is that interesting.

Another very effective way to increase subscriber count is to ask the viewers to subscribe to the channel.

Subscribers have a very substantial impact on the YouTube channel.


Subscribers form an important part of the YouTube community. Subscribers, in a way, form a fan base for that specific YouTube channel. This increases the overall popularity and exposure of the YouTuber.

It is important to follow a particular technique and strategize before buying any plan to increase subscriber count.



Plans For Youtube Subscribers

Plan A


Plan A

  • 200-300+ Subscribers
  • Along With 20,000 to 25,000+ Views

Plan B


Plan B

  • 400-600+ Subscribers
  • Along With 40,000 to 50,000+ Views

Plan C


Plan C

  • 800-1000+ Subscribers
  • Along With 1,20,000 to 1,50,000+ Views


Most frequent questions and answers

All these subscribers are real and increasing through google adwords. No Bots subscribers are there in any of these plan.

As it takes minimum 5-7 days & maximum 10 – 15 days.


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