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Introduction :

Being a YouTuber or a blogger on YouTube is one of the most desired jobs these days. But maintaining a channel on YouTube is not an easy task. Often it becomes frustrating in the beginning, and one needs to get a hold on it. YouTube channels mainly survive on watch time. It means how long a viewer watches the video.

As per YouTube guidelines, a channel needs to have at least a thousand subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months so that the creator can apply for monetization.

Initially, before 2012, watch time was one of the most important factors to rank YouTube videos. After February 2012, the algorithm was changed, and it became the most essential factor. Watch time is also called audience retention.

If a video has a higher watch time, it is more likely to get promoted through recommendations.

Managing watch time is a very essential part of YouTube marketing.


How to get 4000 hours on YouTube?

If we look through the internet, we can find several ways to increase YouTube watch time.

The first very popular method is to create playlists. This helps viewers to view what they want. They would encourage a linear viewing experience. Maintaining playlists also makes the feed look more organized.

It is more likely for the viewers to watch the videos and stay. If creators choose to use the playlist option frequently, they should keep their intros and outros shorter and crisper so viewers do not get bored.

Secondly, a relevant picture or image has to be chosen for the video. The image should have something to do with it and should not be mere clickbait. Thumbnail should be very interesting that will intrigue the viewers to click on it.

Another method to reach the 4000-watch hour goal is to use cards. Cards link relevant videos to each other. This will allow the viewers to view related content.

A very common but important thing to keep in mind is to use effective keywords. Keywords would help viewers to find the videos of a particular channel.

YouTube algorithm is very different as it is based on videos and not articles. When it comes to Google or Bing, they use spiders that scan the articles and other content to look for relevant keywords. Hence, priority is given to watch hours.

How to increase youtube watch hours?

  • Buy Watch hours Plans
  • Youtube Seo can increase watch hours
  • Organic Social sharing
  • Paid Promotion
  • Influencer marketing
  • Develop your youtube video strategies


Plans For Youtube Watch Hours

Plan A


Plan A

  • 200 watch hours

Plan B


Plan B

  • 500 watch hours

Plan C


Plan C

  • 1000 watch hours

Plan D


Plan D

  • 2000 watch hours

Plan E


Plan E

  • 3000 watch hours

Plan F


Plan F

  • 4000 watch hours


Most frequent questions and answers

It takes minimum 15 to 20 days to complete your watch hour plan

We have a community of youtube audience. So all watch time will be real and 100% authentic

  • 15-60mins single video from your channel


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